Top places to have sex according to Irish women

When we think of sex, most of us think about having sex in the bedroom. That is, indeed, the obvious place to do it. It is comfortable, you have your privacy, you can set it up ready in advance and when you are done you can go straight to sleep. The bedroom is a great place to have sex and I highly recommend it as a location! However, there are other places to have sex, not just the bedroom. According to a survey of the top 10 Irish fantasy sex spots, the following are the top ten (10) places that Irish women fantasise about having sex (other than the bedroom of course).

The office

According to the same survey, not only is the office the top place to have sex according to Irish women, 21% of Irish women dream of having sex in an office, often on a desk. This is not only a common fantasy, but one that is surprisingly easy to fulfil! If you have a fuck buddy and access to an office, you should try it out!

In the lift

There are logistical problems with this, mainly that modern lifts tend to be quite quick to get to where they are going! However the data says that number 2 spot goes to the lift. Perhaps hit the emergency stop button first?

In a changing room

Much more easy to organise. I note that there is no comment on whether it is a male or female changing room, so take your pick.

In nature

Sex outdoors, in the right weather, can be amazing. There is so much to choose from. The beach, the woods, the moors… again you are spoilt for choice here. This is a nice and easy one to make happen. Health warning on the beach though. Sand can be rather, ahem, abrasive!

The beach

This gets its own slot at number 5 it is so popular

A hotel

There is something better with this when it is a hotel paid for by work. So if your fuck buddy is staying in a work hotel, consider going and surprising them!

On a plane

I will never know how many people have joined the “mile high club” but it is clearly on a lot of Irish women’s minds!

The car

For extra points, hire a really fancy car first, with seats that recline all the way.

The cinema

The Irish women made no mention of the type of film. I expect it depends on what turns you on. If a good horror film makes you want horny then that is what to go for.

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