Look after your body for great sex

28 Nov 2016 - 20:35 | Tags: being sexy, how to be sexy, coming

When it comes to having sex we all want to have the best sex life that is possible. We all want to come hard and be making the other person come even harder. We want to share a scream of agonised pleasure with the other person, for that sweet sweet moment when it is just you and them, and everything else fades away but the sensations of skin and sweat and ecstasy. We have built our civilisation around it, and most of what we do is in some way related to our desire for sex. It is why we get jobs, earn money, buy nice clothes or flashy cars, why we want to have enough money for fancy meals out, it is often why we want to be rich! Most of us believe in our core than having huge wealth means having power, and power equals sex, lots and lots of sex.

Despite all of that effort that we make in other areas, somehow we forget to look after the foundation of our ability to both get sex and to have great sex. Our bodies.

Your body is the medium with which you fuck

When you have sex with someone, you are using your body to do it. You are not only using it, you are reliant on your body to send back the sensations that trigger emotion and feeling. It is the sensor array that gives you the data for your brain to interpret into pleasure. Without a body you could not have sex!

A crap body can equal crap sex

Think about it for a moment. If you had a clapped out car, with a dodgy motor and worn out tires, that car is not going to go very far or very fast. If it is running at 20% efficiency, that is the bottle neck of your journey. The same is true for your body. If your body is tired, badly treated or not looked after, then it will be running at a lower efficiency. It will not function as well – your sex will be worse. If it is running at 20% efficiency, you will only get 20% of the pleasure, 20% of the drive, 20% of the come and the rush.

The answer is simple – look after yourself

Just do it. Look after yourself and you will have better sex. Take care of your body, treat it as your gateway to pleasure, and as long as you do, that gateway will remain open to you.

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