How to last longer in bed for men

Man lasting longer in bed

When it comes to sex, pretty much everyone would benefit from having more of it. Many people are raised thinking that men want sex more than women do. This is simply not the case. Men and women both desire sex just as equally, and in fact, I would argue that women actually have the capacity to develop a desire and drive for sex far more compelling than any men. Why you ask? Of all the men I have spoken to on the subject, I have never had a man tell me that they found themselves left uncontrollable shaking and moaning on the bed following sex, unable to think or understand where they are or what is going on. The same cannot be said for some of the women I know. I have the impression that whilst women are much harder to please and men have a much easier time orgasming, when a women does orgasm, it can be a deeper and stronger experience than any man has ever felt during sex. I live to be proved wrong on this of course, and I would be glad to be proved wrong given that I am a man!

When men do have sex, one of the things that can reduce the pleasure of the sex for both the man and the women is the length of time that the man “lasts”. Yes it shouldn’t matter and we live in a more inclusive world now, but ultimately, lasting for a longer time as a man before orgasming can give you more time to be into it and more time for the woman to come to her orgasm point as well. Many men think there is nothing that can be done other than take drugs. Yes, medication is an option, but here I would like to outline a few ways of lasting longer in bed without having to resort to taking Viagra or another performance enhancing drug.

Masturbate before sex

For men, following orgasm and ejaculation, there is something known as the refractory period. Think of it like a reset period. This means that if you masturbate before meeting up with your fuck buddy, when you get to having sex this will be the second time that evening you are having sex and you are much more likely to take longer to come. There is plenty of evidence behind this, so give it a go.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are a great way to exercise and tone the “sex” muscles. A good set of muscles will allow you to better control your orgasm. So get to the sex gym and get working out, you will reap the rewards in bed!

Breath deeply

Orgasm is linked to excitement, and we can all calm ourselves down with deep breaths (which is why we are told to breathe deeply in stressful situations, it calms us). If you are having sex, consider changing your breathing to longer deeper breathes. This will calm you and slow your progress to orgasm.

So there are my top tips on how to last longer in bed. Have fun!

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