Focus on making the other person come for amazing sex

12 Dec 2015 - 09:49 | Tags: finding orgasms, great sex, coming

Focus on making the other person come for amazing sex
We all want to come with sex. We all want to have the amazing orgasm that gives us that huge rush of pleasure along with the calm and stopping of everything but being in that moment. We all want the rush – both men and women. What is the best way to seek that?

In our focus to achieve it – the drive to get it may actually undermine our ability to reach it as we are distracted from the moment and the other person. If we are completely focused on our own orgasm – it can lead us away from achieving it. There is a way out of this trap.

Focus on the other person. When you have sex, there is a joining of your path with each other. The more the other peron gets turned on, the more and more you will get turned on. The hornier you get, the easier it is to orgasm and come. The hornier you *both* get, the harder you will *both* come. So by focusing on the other person’s pleasure and building up their wetness / hard on, the more you will also have the same build.

It is easier for the other person – so both do it for the mutual win
It is easier for someone to turn you on and make you come, than it is for you to do it yourself. The same goes the other way around. So if you both focus on making the other person come – that is where the win win lies.

Everyone loves surprises – and that boosts pleasure
Everyone loves a surprise – and a good surprise massively increases pleasure. It is impossible to surprise yourself. By definition you planned it so you know what is going to happen. However, you can surprise someone else. I am not talking about massive pre planned presents, or anything that is at all hard work. I am talking about the moment they grab your ear in pleasure, or you slap someones behind whilst in the moment. The moment you suddenly decide to flip the person on to their front so that you can change position and take them from behind – or the moment you were flipped onto your front. By focusing on the other person, you can do all these things for them – and they can do all these things for you, and you both will end up having really amazing sex because of it.

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