Top 5 Places to Have Sex 2015

I usually hate list blogs. There are so many sites doing them now that I wonder if we’ll ever get anything decent written on the web anymore. However the trouble with list blogs is that they do attract a lot of readers. Despite my sneering of them, list blogs gain a higher click through rate than any other blogs. Unless your blog has a really catchy title, a list blog is a sure fire way to draw in an audience. So despite me objections, I have agreed to do some lists posts and see what our own audience makes of them.
As the summer is starting to creep its way in I thought we’d start by listing the most popular places to have sex this year.

1. The Grand Canyon
This is a tough one to pull off, but you’ll be a legend if you manage to do it. To be honest all you have to really do is nip into the toilets at the Canyon for a quickie, but the real challenge is to try and do it somewhere on the canyon itself.

2. A Public Swimming Bath
There’s a public theme going on here isn’t there? Again doing it in the changing rooms or toilets is easy. Try a discreet area of the swimming bath and see how long it takes before you’re caught.

3. A Friend’s House
If you and your buddy can manage to have sex at a friend’s house whilst your friend is there, our hat goes off to you. Double points if you can do it in the same room without anyone noticing.

4. Whilst Everyone Else is Asleep
If you have a lot of you asleep in the same room, try having a discreet fuck whilst everyone else is out for the count. Bonus points if you can make some noise without waking anyone up.

5. On The Train
The rocking motions can provide a perfect rhythm for you and your f-buddy. The trick is can you do it without anyone noticing. Again toilets shouldn’t count. Triple points if you manage to do it on a subway.

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