Set sex goals to make them happen

20 Feb 2017 - 19:27 | Tags: getting laid, having more sex

We all have goals and drives in life – things that we want to do! Some of those things are childhood fancies that naturally get dropped with the passing of time, for example the classic “when I grow up I want to be an astronaut”. How many of us said that? Well the reality is that many of things that you would have loved to do, in practice it is impossible. “I want to be a ballet dancer” says the 13 year old girl in the sweetest voice – the reality is “sorry luv, you are way past it! Never going to make it now you are old!”. If you wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, you really needed to start training years earlier! However, not all dreams need to remain dreams, some of them you can manifest and realise – all you have to do is make them a fixed goal and they can happen!

The way goal setting works is that you decide what you actually want. It has to be tangible and specific, and you need a why. So the classic “I want more money” gets you nowhere. However lets re write that:

  • Specific: I want to make £100,000 a year
  • Why: So that I can buy my dream home in London and pay off the mortgage within 10 years.

The more specific you can be, the more likely it is to happen, the more you naturally look for opportunities to make it happen. So people do this for other parts of their life, why not do it for sex?

If you know what you want, and you can be specific about it, then you can achieve it. You just need to set it as a goal. So for example say you have always wanted to have a threesome secretly.... but you currently presume that this is something that is not possible, so you don’t even try and make it happen. You miss 100% of the shots that you do not take. Set it as a goal:

  • Specific: I would like to have a threesome with me and 2 other girls, at least one of whom should be a blonde
  • Why: It is my uppermost sexual fantasy – if I can do it when I die I will be able to die that little bit happier
  • If you set it as an actual goal, you have a chance of making it happen. In this case, there are girls out there who also want to have a threesome – all you have to do is find these girls and then it will happen.

So set some sex goals, and then make them happen.

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