Do we all have a kink?

25 Jun 2015 - 17:12 | Tags: kink, kinky sex, casual sex, fetish

It’s the question that a lot of people want to ask, but hardly anyone tries to answer; do I have a kink? There are many reasons you never get an answer. You’re too embarrassed to think about it, you think you’re the only person in the world who feels the way you do…etc etc. Hopefully you’re smart enough to know that you are not alone at all. Everyone has different sexual preferences and many people have what we call ‘kinks’. First of all it’s worth clarifying what we mean by ‘kink’. Basically having a kink is having a sexual fetish of some sort. Basically it encompasses anything that is unconventional about sex (since when is sex so conventional anyway?). This could be anything from being blindfolded to wanting to lick cream off your partner’s feet. Kinks are wide and varied.

Do I have a kink?
Only you can answer that question. Just because you enjoy sex in different places and positions doesn’t mean you have a kink. That said, just because you enjoy being blindfolded and tied to the bed doesn’t mean you necessarily have a kink – so many people use blindfolds and ropes now that it can be argued it has become conventional. If you like dressing up and role playing whilst having your sex partner spank you with a paddle, you might have a kink.

Is it bad if I don’t have a kink?
No. Just because kinky sex is all the rage at the moment doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. You can still just enjoy sex for sex. You don’t have to find a whip, chains or anything else in order to enjoy sex. In fact you’ll find practitioners of kink will be jealous of your ability to just enjoy sex for sex’s sake. They might hide it behind a veneer of sympathy and arrogance, but they will admit that they miss the rush of just being able to have sex without the need to dress up, spank or tie up.

Do we all have a kink?
Well like we said at the start, only you can answer that one. If you do have a kink, great! If you don’t that’s great too!

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