Truth and lies: the honesty of sex – both pleasurable and painful

Having a fuck buddy can be one of the best things in the world. Firstly sex is one the best ways to increase your overall happiness. Good food, good sleep and sex is a sure-fire recipe for feeling good! Usually, I would put the word exercise or movement in there, but the sex also does that for you. It is a fantastic workout. When you have a fuck buddy, you can afford to be really honest about the sex with them because that is the reason that you are with them. However, we are human and therefore sometimes we still struggle with this. Other times we are honest, and this can unleash a level of pain and suffering that was neither intended nor meant. Allow me to expand.

When sex is unequivocally honest

There are certain things that are just a turn on. For a woman, the rising of a penis in response to them is a turn on. It’s hardness, stiffness, can be a pleasure and an erotic arousal unlike any other words or actions. For a man, the same can be said of a woman’s wet vagina, the stiffening of her nipples and the involuntary opening of her legs. Why is this all such a turn on? Because it is honest. In the 21st century, we live in a world of politeness and niceties. In a world where we can never be sure if the waitress is nice to use because (s)he likes us or because (s)he just wants a big tip, what can we trust? We can trust a man's erection and a woman’s wetness. These are not things that are faked, and they tell us that, without any doubt, that this particular fuck buddy really is into us. Now that is beautiful.

When sexual honesty is at its most painful

Rejection always hurts. Some few bounce so quickly that they appear unhurt, but even they take the smallest of hits. Most feel it. Even when we know it to be irrational, when we know we should be wiser, we are not. What is the most difficult? “Not tonight dear”. This is the hardest and the most hurtful sexually. When you are trying to hook up with someone in a bar and you are rejected this is reasonably easy to bounce from. Rejection is on the cards. When we are pushed back by a partner or a fuck buddy, this rejection is the most painful. I want to be clear, we must always be respectful, but rejection of this ilk can stay with us the longest.

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