Sex advice from a sex therapist (part 2)

31 Dec 2021 - 23:16 | Tags: f-buddy advice, sex advice
couple after sex therapist session

Welcome to the fuck buddy website, the place where we help you meet other like-minded individuals for some casual fun. We understand that there is nothing wrong with hooking up or having a no strings attached relationship. Sex is a healthy part of life and is nothing to be ashamed of. This is something that most sex therapists, and one sex therapist in particular, agrees with. If you want to have a better sex life we thought that the best way to do this would be to take advice from an expert. There is a lot of great advice out there on the internet of course, and a lot of it is very good. However, as we mentioned in our first article covering sex advice from a sex therapist, you wouldn’t watch a video on surgery and then try it out on yourself, you would always take advice from a professional. We think that the same applies to sex. If you want to get really good at sex, why not take some advice from someone who has spent years of their life studying and examining sex and its function within the lives of individuals in order to better your own sex life? Your fuck buddy will thank you for it, trust me! So with that in mind, here are three further top tips from a sex therapist. These are tips that the therapist themselves follow.

Quality not quantity – the amount of sex is unrelated to whether your sex life is “good” or “bad”.

The sex therapist stated that many people think that because they are having less sex than others (or than they used to) their sex life is “bad”. This is simply not true. Firstly, different people like to have different amounts of sex. This also changes with time and what else is going on in your life. If you are really stressed and pressured at work, you may not have the same amount of time and energy for sex, so you will have sex. This does not mean that your sex life is “bad” it is just at a different stage. The advice, accept that there are times you and your fuck buddy will want sex, and times you will not. Simple.

Your desires will change over time

We all change over time. Things we used to like fade; things we were uninterested in become interesting. The same is true with your sex life. Do not feel trapped into liking things a certain way just because that is how things used to be. Allow yourself to be mindful of your feelings and change with them. Your fuck buddy will likely be the same so will appreciate you being open to change.

Try the Sensate Focus technique

This is not about having sex, but rather it is about exploring each other’s bodies. It can lead to great intimacy and better sex and is a top recommendation from the therapist. I will leave the details for another article.

So, these are the top three tips. Have fun!

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