New to kink? A beginners way into tying someone up in the bedroom

9 Aug 2016 - 17:15 | Tags: kink, kinky sex, play in the bedroom

So you have decided you want to spice things up in the bedroom by getting your kink on and getting the rope out. This could be for a number of reasons, maybe you are in a long term relationship and you want to mix things up a little – something I highly recommend! Perhaps you have always wanted to try it and want a little guidance as to how to start, maybe you just want something different or perhaps you have a new fuck buddy that has a particular love of being bound and restrained in the bedroom and so you are stepping up in order to be able to fool around with them. Regardless of the reasons, if you are new to it, here are some good guidance on how to get going with some rope related fun in the bedroom.

Keep it Simple

The first rule is keep is simple. You have probably seen some outrageous pictures on the internet of complicated ropes and knots, of hot women bound to elaborate pieces of equipment or suspended from the ceiling. Whilst all of that looks great – it is done more to be seen than to be experienced. You have no audience watch you, just the two of you, so there is no need to get super elaborate or over the top in terms of making it complex. Keep it really simple to start with.

Understand what is sexy

If you can understand the fundamental of what is sexy about it – then you can really understand why you can have an unforgettable fuck using just one piece of rope.

You want her Bad

What is amazing for the girl is that you want her so much, that you are taking her. You are not giving her a choice; you are removing her ability to move, then fucking her hard. Now this is of course a play – it is really important that you check first that the girl is on board, and if she says stop or uses her safe word then everything stops immediately. The message you are sending is that you wanty her bad – and what girl doesn’t want to be wanted?

You are taking all responsibility

Once she is tied, there is nothing she can do, so she effectively relinquishes all responsibility to you. This does put pressure on you to take charge fully, it also gives her the chance to sit back and just enjoy what ever is happening. The removal of responsibility as to what is happening is a huge turn on, and can allow girls who have trouble coming to come quickly and easily.

Remember – it doesn’t have to be rope

It doesn’t have to be as formal and orchestrated as rope. You can use the arms of a jumper, the strap of a bag that is lying around, your tie after a long day at work is a great option! There is always something lying around that you can reach for – and this means you can do it spontaneously. This spontaneity in of itself is sexy and fun, and brings with it a hotness that both of you will enjoy.

So keep it simple, remember that all you have to do is allow her to drop her responsibility and feel how much you want her, and just use one of two things that are already lying around.

Enjoy – you are going to have a good time. Trust me, I am speaking from experience.

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