Why women want to find a fuck buddy

When is comes to sex, we all want to be having it. I am not saying that we all want to be having sex every moment of day, there are other pleasures in life! However, I am saying that it is a key thing that nearly all humans desire. If you are reading this, you are one of those people. The very thing that motivated you to want to read this article tells me that you are one of the billion plus people that love sex! One of the ways that we can get easy and regular access to sex is by finding a fuck buddy. Since the person that you hook up with is looking for the same thing as you, it generally means that you are able to avoid the usual trials and issues involved with a more traditional relationship. The sex itself tends also to be of a higher quality. Since the main reason that you are both there is for the physical communion of shared sex, there is a natural tendency to really focus on making sure that it is good for both you and your fuck buddy, since that is the primary way that your “success” is being measured! It is also different for men and women. Their bodies are fundamentally different which means the foundations start men and women in different places. It also extends to social conditioning and the society that we inhabit. In this article I would like to explore not just why we might want to find a fuck buddy, but specifically, the top two reasons why women what to find fuck buddies.

For adventure and excitement

Whilst a traditional relationship gives stability and comfort, that same stability can quickly become quite boring. Finding a fuck buddy is a fabulous way to bring some excitement to your life. Hooking up with someone purely for sex, knowing you can just fuck and fly, being able to push your sexual boundaries as you explore new adventures in bed… it is no wonder that women want to find a fuck buddy, most men do too!

To have screaming orgasms

This may seem obvious, but it is a huge driver. Women are complicated creatures. Bringing a woman to orgasm takes time, effort and skill. When you have a fuck buddy, you are in a position to be completely honest about what you do and do not like in bed. This sexual honesty can often dramatically improve the sexual experience for women, leading them to a deeper, longer and more satisfying orgasm. A note for any heterosexual men reading this: make your fuck buddy orgasm and they are ten times more likely to come back for seconds!

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