Why reading, not watching, erotica with your fuck buddy is better.

Most people who have a fuck buddy are also enlightened enough to be able to enjoy porn without the associated feelings of guilt or irrational negativity that can sometimes be associated with it. We live in a more modern and open time where we recognise that sex is a healthy and normal thing, something that makes us all that little bit happier. Finding a fuck buddy means making both you and them benefit from the no strings attached relationship that you have just set up. It really is a win-win on both sides. Watching porn is something that, in today's world, is now much more acceptable.

Watching porn with your fuck buddy is great

Watching porn alone is fine, watching porn with a fuck buddy can be great. You can get turned on by it together, you can act out what is happening on the screen, or imagine you are there and part of it, or just be voyeurs and watch it. Having sex with porn on in the background can be even better, as the sounds and distant images in the background wash over you both as you are having sex, bringing a sense of being part of an orgy in your own home. Watching porn can be great. I am here to tell you why reading porn can be even better.

Reading porn with your fuck buddy is even better

When you read porn, also known as erotica, the whole thing takes place in your imagination. This brings with it a number of advantages over video porn. Firstly you manifest the images so everyone really is your perfect fantasy. Don’t like someone with blonde hair? No problem now she has brown hair. Are there certain gestures or motions that really turn you on, like a girl brushing her hair back behind her ear, or subconsciously adjusting her glasses with the knuckles of her hand? Now she does all of that. Don’t like tattoos? You no longer have to try and ignore that anchor embossed on her thigh. Having the porn take place in your imagination means that it is bespoke to what you want.

Reading porn together means you can have that take place in your collective imagination. Between the two of you, you can share the story, twist it to your needs and desires. When you read it, perhaps one of them is actually you and other your fuck buddy. You can even start improvising and curtailing the story till it follows your fantasy exactly as you would like it to. As you share the story and get more and more turned on you can start to pleasure each other physically to match the imagined sexual encounter, and before you know it in your mind you experience it with an intensity that is as real as if it had been you.

Reading porn and erotica is awesome. If you have never done it, you should suggest it to your fuck buddy. If neither of you have done it before, you are both in for a real treat.

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