Why people are hornier in the summer

18 Jun 2022 - 18:15 | Tags: how to get sex this summer, summer sex
Girl in pool in the summer

The summer is coming in and as long as you live in the northern hemisphere, the world is about to become a hornier place! We all have individual times where we are more or less horny, and those levels of hormones can drive us to do certain things and affect our decision making. The phrase “think with your d*ck” came from somewhere after all! I would like to mention that there is no judgement made in this article. There are times when allowing yourself to be driven by your emotions and hormones can be a good thing! Being driven by hormones can help you take action when you would otherwise be held back by fear or insecurity. It can push you take risks and leaps of faith, so the presence of some hormones to drive action is no bad thing at all… and in the summer those hormones that help to drive you to find fuck buddy get a next level boost! If we have ever exercised a consideration of our own levels, we may have noticed the boost during the summer months, relative to what ever it is we usually feel. So why is it that we are hornier in the summer months?

Nature – the rhythm of the seasons

If we look at the cycle of nature in the wild, the perfect time to give birth to offspring is the spring. The weather is warm, everything is growing easily, there is an abundance of food with which to feed any young that are birthed during those months. The spring, in the animal kingdom, is the time that animals give birth. We are no different when we boil it down. The human race has a 9 month gestation period, which means that if you have sex and get pregnant in the summer, you will be giving birth in the spring. This is the perfect time to enhance the chances of your offspring’s survival… when we lived in the wild that is! Whilst this is not so much of a problem in the modern day, I am not sure that our biology has caught up with us yet, which is why this still drives us.

Nurture – we are unused to seeing so much skin!

As a society we chose to cover ourselves and our bodies for most of the year. This is a choice made by society… then the summer arrives and suddenly everyone is showing a lot more skin! We see legs, chests and in terms of women we tend to see a lot more boobs then we did before. This, naturally, makes us more horny because we are unaccustomed to seeing it all on display!

So these are two of the reasons we are more horny in the summer. I gently suggest that you and your fuck buddy enjoy it whilst it is happening!

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