Why it can be easier to find a fuck buddy from your friendship circle

When we are looking for a fuck buddy, we are looking for someone that we can have sex with in a no strings attached set up. We want to be able to have sex, but without the nonsense of the extra baggage that often comes with it. Both people are looking for all the fun, excitement and joy of orgasm, without all the toil and drudgery of a worn and tired relationship. I can certainly see why this is the choice people make, especially since this is a clear choice you can make in the modern day. I am not sure this was available a couple of generations ago.

The key things that you want in a fuck buddy

There are some crucial things that you want in a fuck buddy. The main thing is that you want to be having excellent sex with them. You want to have mind blowing, orgasmic, screaming with pleasure joyous sex. A big part of this comes from being able to talk about what you do, and do not, like in the bedroom. If you want to try something different, or have a fetish or a fantasy that you want to play out it is crucial that you feel comfortable talking to them about it. Even simpler, being able to tell them things that you liked means that they will be able to do it again for you. This requires a huge level of trust between the two of you.

Trust is already fostered

When you meet someone or know someone through your social circle, the trust is already implied. The other person is “pre vetted” by someone you trust, just as you are “pre vetted” and thus they can trust you more easily. This 3rd party endorsement means that the path to honesty is paved for you, and is all the more easy to walk down. This builds to sexual honesty quicker, and thus to better sex.

How can you emulate this with a non-friend

The phrase “friends with benefits” came from the concept that you are looking for someone to just be your friend whom you sleep with. This comes more easily if they are already your friend. If they are not, the best approach is to pretend they are. If you act with the same level of openness and honesty and openness, they will naturally reciprocate. This requires a huge leap on your side, but it will pay itself in fuck buddy dividends later down the line.

Trust me.

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