What Men Want in Bed

17 Apr 2015 - 12:51 | Tags: what men want in bed, casual sex, fuck buddy, toys

Pay attention ladies; it’s time to let you know what we really want in the bedroom. Women seem to have an assumption that they all know exactly what a guy wants when it comes to sex. Well sorry, but you’re not mind readers, and whilst it’s easy to say that all a guy wants is sex, it’s also inaccurate. In order for the sex to be good, amazing and stupendous, there are a few things you need to know about a guy before you christen yourself the best fuck buddy ever.

1. Give us control
All the women’s lifestyle mags claim that all men want women to be more dominant and aggressive when it comes to sex. They’ve made a slight but important error – we want to dominant and initiate but when it comes to the sex itself, we tend to prefer to be in control. It makes us feel primal and aroused.

2. Stretch out the foreplay
Yes we want to have sex, but we really like to have sex after you’ve teased and flirted with us for sometimes the whole day before you see us. There’s nothing better than stretching out the foreplay.

3. Bring out some dessert
One of the best things a woman can do in bed is start playing with food with us. It only has to be a squirty can of cream or some fruit, but it will have us turned on in no time at all.

4. Don’t be afraid to let your fingers do the talking
Men have a G-Spot too – it’s right between our anus and testicles and if you apply a little pressure there during sex we will literally explode into you.

5. Dirty Talk
You might find it weird, but we love it when a girl talks dirty to us. It just turns us on and makes us want you even more.

6. Touching yourself
You probably know about this one already, but seeing you tease your own body before you start teasing ours gets us wanting you so badly we might grab you and start fucking you there and then.

7. Don’t Complicate Sex
Sometimes you don’t have to dress up or schedule sex for a specific time. We love nothing better than to be grabbed in a primal manner and ordered to fuck you there and then. It makes us feel powerful and horny as hell!

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