Is a virtual fuck buddy only a matter of time?

31 Mar 2019 - 15:08 | Tags: virtual sex, online dating algorithms, fuck buddy

When it comes to having sex, as a species we have been finding ways to simulate it for as long as modern memory remember. We have been using our hands to jack off or pleasure ourselves for generations, and whilst we have no firm evidence of it, I am sure that we have been experimenting with rubbing ourselves up and down inanimate objects for just as long! There is a species of monkey that is famous for allowing fruit to “go bad” then eating it, because then the fruit has actually begun to ferment which means they get drunk off it! They are also the same species that are well known for giving themselves hand jobs. As humans, are we really so different? We like to drink and imbibe alcohol, we like sex and we use other ways of simulating it. The modern world has brought a brand new edge to this possibility. Technology.

Modern technology has brought with it huge improvements. We can now talk to someone on the other side of the world at almost any time from any where by sending our voice into space and back down again via a satellite. We can travel the globe in metal ships that fly through the sky at speeds never before thought possible. We have tools and chemicals that allow us to heal and fix a multitude of illnesses. We have just recently official created an “iron man” suit that allows you to fly just like iron man from the movies. Technology is progressing fast! So will this lead to the creation of a virtual fuck buddy? Are the days of trying to hook up with a human fuck buddy on their way out, replaced by the easier option of ordering one via a computer? Let’s look at the elements.


Sex chat bots have long existed, but recently they have started to get really good. It has gotten to the point where it is hard to tell the difference between a bot and a human. As the algorithms creating speech get better and better, we are moving towards a virtual fuck buddy that can flirt with us as realistically as any human.


This is the sticking point at the moment. There are sex dolls. The new sex doll blow job cafe opening in London is a great example of this growing in acceptability. They do not look human however. Reports indicate that the feeling is getting very realistic, but they still do not look right.

Holograms are the answer:

Augmented reality allows us to put the image of a hologram over something in the real world. This is the answer to a virtual fuck buddy. If we can impose a real looking image over that of a doll then we can combine feel with image. With the speech run by an ever more intelligent sex bot, we are close to it all working out.

I think that a virtual fuck buddy is only a matter of time… how much time remains up for debate.

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