Two Top tips to spice up your sex life this winter

12 Dec 2019 - 09:24 | Tags: winter sex, Christmas sex

December is one of the best months of the year. Work tends to slow down as we approach the Christmas holidays, or if it doesn’t slow down, it speeds up in anticipation of the coming days off that are about to land! Either way, Christmas is a fabulous to time to either meet a new fuck buddy or take advantage of the one that you already have. You have the time to do it and by it, yes, I do mean sex! You also have all the added benefits of the winter and Christmas being around to spice up your sex life. You cannot escape it, so you may as well embrace it.

I am here to help you take advantage this winter, and by advantage, yes I do mean sex! To help you do this, here are my two top tips to help you spice up your sex life this winter.

Winter Foods That Drive Sex

There are lots of winter food that will really help you spice things up in the bedroom, literally! Warming food is what you want to go for. Things that help the blood to flow and to warm your innards give you that warm feeling. No one wants to have sex when cold. More than that, certain foods are also said to drive sex. Ginger and peppers can increase blood flow to the organs, this includes increasing the flow to your sex organs. This gets you primed for a fuck buddy booty call. You can also use hot drinks to warm your mouth before having oral sex. Sipping a hot drink like a warm tea or mulled wine before giving a blow-job brings a heat to your partner's dick that will only make him even harder for you. The same is true the other way around!

If you are a woman – don’t forget your Lingerie!

If you are a woman it is easy to forgo wearing sexy underwear in exchange for granny pants that are super warm. Be warm by all means, but if you want to get laid then make a little effort in this area. Materials like silk and satin are both sexy and warm, so have a little think and ask yourself: if you had a hook up tonight would you turn your fuck buddy on if they stripped you off wearing whatever you are wearing right now?

So take advantage and have a great winter!

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