Top two things that cause a low sex drive

24 Sep 2021 - 23:38 | Tags: sex drive, casual sex problems, problems performing
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Having a high sex drive, especially on the adult dating circuit, is really important. The primary reason that your fuck buddy is spending time with you, is for the sex. They want to sleep with you, and they want to sleep with someone that wants to sleep with them! Having sex with someone who is super into it is a completely different experience to sleeping with someone who is just, well, putting up with it. Sex when you are going through the motions is terrible. It is one of the great things about having a fuck buddy. You are both there for the sex, so you are both super into it. If you weren’t, you would just leave. There are many long term relationships, particularly marriages, where one person is there for other reasons and they are just “putting up” with the sex. That is a terrible place to be for the person who is sex deprived! Luckily, this is simply never an issue with a fuck buddy or a friends with benefits set up. So you will want to keep your sex drive nice and high for all of this. How do you do this? Well, the first thing is to eliminate the issues that are causing you to have a low sex drive. With this in mind, here are my top two things that cause a low sex drive.


If you are experiencing any pain during sex, this is going to prevent an easy orgasm and take you out of the moment. This in turn will reduce your sex drive. The answer? If you are experiencing any pain, do not ignore it. Deal with it. Talk to your fuck buddy if needed and explain what is causing it, usually, they will be very ready and willing to help alleviate it! Note – there is an exception here as there can be types of pain that are welcomed, and if you are one of those people, then this will not reduce your sex drive.

Disease and illness

If you are ill your sex drive will usually suffer. The main thing to do here is to accept and acknowledge it. Don’t try and fake it. Concentrate on getting better, then when you are back to full health, at that point arrange a weekend with your fuck buddy and go crazy with each other! Until then, I highly recommend that you ride it out.

So, there are my top two reasons that people have a low sex drive. Deal with these if they arise and you are good to go.

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