Things that will make you have less sex

We all want to be happy. It is hard-wired into us. For all of us, this includes certain basic things: food to eat, clothes to wear, a warm and safe place to sleep at night. Some psychologists talk about the need for education, but I think this is more the need for some kind of growth or personal expansion. It does not have to be huge and it is very different for different people. We do need change and variation of some kind.

Once the basics of survival are dealt, happiness then comes to the things in our lives that make us feel like we are living rather than merely existing. Things that push us beyond feeling like we are breathing and nothing more. This includes: learning new skills, job progress or progress, new friends or relationships, growing in a hobby that one is passionate about. Having sex is certainly on the list, and in fact, is a major player when it comes to feeling fulfilled and happy. Given how important it is, I am always somewhat surprised at how many people reduce or destroy their opportunities to have sex by taking actions that make you less likely to have sex! So to help solve this, here is the list of my top tips of things that are likely to make you have less sex, not more.

Not washing regularly

It does not matter how good looking you are, how much money you make, what car your drive or what a winning personality you wield. Someone may be uncontrollably attracted to you, but if they get close and you smell like a horse that hasn’t had its manure mucked out for a week, then they will be repulsed. You will have destroyed a perfectly good hook up. This is a great way to keep away future fuck buddies.

Never go out

If you always say no to any and all invites you get given, you are screwing yourself out of the opportunity of meeting someone that you can sleep with. All fuck buddies have to meet their friends with benefits somewhere. So say yes to invitations as and when you get them, you do not know where it might lead.

Tell yourself that no one wants to have sex with you

There is an interesting thing with beliefs, they fulfil themselves. If you believe that you are someone that no one wants to have sex with and never will, you will make it true. When you meet someone that wants to sleep with you, you will sabotage the interaction to ensure that you are correct in your belief. If you are someone that believes that no one wants you, stop it right now. Someone does. Everyone has someone that is their type, so stop thinking you can’t have sex so that you can go and have sex.

Those are my top three. If you are doing any of these, stop it immediately to have more sex.

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