As the temperature outside goes down, the heat in the bedroom goes up

22 Jan 2019 - 14:35 | Tags: winter sex, temperature and sex, seasonal sex

Winter is most definitely here. We have seen our first lot of snow come down – albeit rather slowly and it didn’t stay on the ground for very long. ASOS the clothing company saw a 40% drop in share price, which is partly blamed on the milder weather! It seems people don’t spend as much money on changing into a winter wardrobe when they can get away with staying in their Autumn clothes. Despite the slow start to the winter, it is finally here, and with the drop in temperature comes a change across the board. People don’t like to stay out as late or as long, you will find yourself getting fewer invitations to do things that you do in the warmer weather, and generally, there is a drop in libido. You would think that this would mean that you are less likely to be able to find a fuck buddy or get laid. This could not be further from the truth. The way that you might find a fuck buddy changes for sure, but actually, as the temperature outside goes down, the heat in the bedroom goes up.

The drop in degrees seems to make things less sexy

The reduction in temperature does seem to make things less sexy on the surface of things. As people go out less, there are less members of the opposite sex in bars and pubs and thus a lower number of people that you can hook up with. No one wants to queue outside in the cold to get into a club, so some people simply don’t bother. Everyone is also wearing a lot more clothes. Most women look better in a short skirt and a deep plunge v neck top than they do bundled up in two jumpers and a woolly hat! So it feels like there is less sex “in the air” and thus a poor time to find a fuck buddy.

The perfect time to get naked in the bedroom

For the very same reasons I have been discussing, this is also the perfect time to get naked in the bedroom. It is cold. There is nothing warmer and more comforting than the press of another naked body against your own. The people that are not going out as much still want to find a fuck buddy, but rather than try and hook up in bars they turn to the internet and websites like this one to find their friends with benefits. As the night comes in earlier, there is more darkness with which to cuddle up and have great sex in.

The temperature outside may be dropping, but in the bedroom it is only rising, and this really is a great time to find a fuck buddy. So, if you are interested, what are you waiting for? Send some folks a hello message.

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