Switch up your sex positions for the Autumn

24 Oct 2021 - 12:17 | Tags: autumn sex, libido in Autumn

Welcome to the fuck buddy website where we would like to say goodbye to the ending of the summer and welcome in the autumn months. The summer can be a great time for finding a fuck buddy and having a lot of sex. Despite the difficulties cause by the various COVID-19 lockdowns, shutdowns and reduction in interaction, by this point we are back to being at a point where hooking up with a fuck buddy or finding a friend with benefits has, once again, become an easier prospect. The warm summer months are a great time to adult date, and the sex can ve great. It brings with it a lot of opportunities to get naked quickly and easily without the cold affecting either party’s ability to perform and enjoy themselves. It also brought outdoor events and long evenings with which to enjoy them. Summer is great. However, with the summer now making its exit, I am here to remind you of all the advantages of autumn if you embrace it and adapt. Chief among that is of course being able to mix up your sex positions.

Summer sex positions are unique in the year as, in the height of summer, seek to reduce the total skin to skin contact rather than increase it. As the weather blooms to the high heat of today's climate, too much heat exchange can get uncomfortable to the point of killing the mood. This means that during the summer the sex positions that you may have found yourself leaning towards made tactical choices about where your body and the body of your fuck buddy met, and the overall contact was lowered to be able to cope with the heat. You no longer have to do this, and acknowledging this and making a gear shift is a great way to take advantage of autumn.

In autumn, you now want to choose positions that maximise your skin-to-skin contact with your fuck buddy. As the weather cools, that exchanged heat can become a real driver of the passion. As you allow your body to heat your fuck buddy’s and vice versa, you will likely find yourself becoming more horney and more into the sex session. As that drives towards a crescendo the contact will provide a physical foundation for your orgasm and climax. With that in mind, we strongly suggest that you change your sex positions to ones that increase your body contact to be able to enjoy this.

Welcome to autumn, we hope you have a great time!

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