SMS, WhatsApp, Signal and Threema messages to send to your fuck buddy the day afterwards

30 Oct 2022 - 23:32 | Tags: how to talk dirty in a text, texting

When it comes to adult dating, texting and instant messaging are now a staple part of the courtship ritual. Of course, nothing beats in person contact or face to face meetings, but in order to make those meetings happen you have to accept that communication using the written word is necessary. We no longer live in a world where you just pick up a phone and call someone, you really do text, WhatsApp, or for the more security-minded perhaps you are using Threema or Signal instead. Regardless of the platform that you are using, texting (or sexting) is now the way that you make things happen.

So let us say it is the day after your first hook up with a particular fuck buddy. The first time isn’t always mind blowing or amazing, so perhaps you had an alright time but are interested in meeting up again to explore that further… or maybe you were lucky and it really was mind blowing! Regardless, if you want to meet up again the first step the next day is to drop a message. So, what message should you send? Well, if you are unsure, here are our top suggestions on the kinds of texts that you might like to send the day after.

“That was extraordinary. What should we do next time?”

Flattery is always a good choice when it comes to the day after text message… but breaking this down further, this is a bold and brave choice. You are putting yourself out there because if your friend with benefits does not feel the same, you have left yourself vulnerable. Here is the thing though, if they don’t want to meet up again there is nothing that you can say that is going to change their mind, so you may as well be bold and brave with it. Furthermore, bravery is attractive and they are more likely to want to come back and see you, so go for it!

“I can’t stop thinking about the moment when you….”

This is a situational suggestion. If there was not a moment where they did something that you can refer to, then do not use this! Never make something up, you have to refer to a real action. If they did do something that you really liked, then this is a strong choice.

Ultimately you can say almost anything, but if you are stuck cut and paste one of these in and it will stand you in good stead.

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