Life is too short to not have a fuck buddy

As a race, we are a strange set of creatures. On one hand, we are incredibly smart. We invented machines and processes to do much of our work for us. We created methods of mass farming that means that we have enough food to feed everyone in the world and that starvation should be a thing of the past. We worked out how to put a man on the moon, how to take a man to the deepest depths of the oceans, and we used all the information to both take resources like oil and gas from the earth and to put satellites into the sky so we can communicate over long distances. We are eradicating diseases and suffering, and we are starting to explore what it is to be human, learning more about our emotions and makeup till one day we may hope to fully understand what it is to be part of this race that we were born into. In the next generation, we are also likely to see the first invention of real artificial intelligence as we make leaps and bounds into the working of AI through enhanced machine learning techniques. The one thing that we seem to never be able to face though, is our own mortality and what that means.

There are things that we want in life that we put off. We all want sex. Even when we are in a sexually quiet period of our lives we still want to be having sex, and if offered it in a no strings attached way the only thing that holds us back is our own fears and insecurities about that being a genuine offer. Finding a fuck buddy is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, and for the person that you are going to have sex with! It is good on both sides. So why do we not do it, what holds us back?

Fear. Fear is what stops us from having the sexually fulfilling lives that we could be having. It doesn’t take much to overcome it, but overcome it we must. One of the best ways is to recognise that our lives are short and fragile. To the universe, our lives are but a blink of the eye, over before we have had time to even register and have an impact on the world. Yet we ignore this. Our lives can be so short, yet we deny ourselves the core happiness that comes from having sex for the strangest of reasons.

Life is too short to not have a fuck buddy. So if you do not have one, I would urge you to get one. Live, whilst you still can.

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