How to establish a fuck buddy relationship at work

30 Sep 2022 - 00:25 | Tags: affairs at work, office sex

Work can be an excellent place to find a fuck buddy, and if you do manage to get one, the rewards of doing so are huge. Firstly you get all the extra excitement of sleeping with someone in the office and trying to keep it quiet for as long as possible. The sneaking around, the talking to each other over the office cooler without giving off the vibe that you are into each other, the arranging clandestine meetings in the stationary cupboard or after work in a local drinking hole that you both “happen” to be in at the same time, alone without anyone else. It is all very fun.

You then have the sex on tap advantage. If you want a quickie, well your fuck buddy is in the same building and can be there to service you within minutes rather than hours. The opportunities that open themselves up when your fuck buddy works at the same place are surprising, varied and plentiful! Then of course there are the work events. For the first time, you know you are going to get laid at the end of the Christmas party regardless of how it all goes. Get in! So with all those advantages, how exactly can you establish a work place fuck buddy? All me to elaborate.

Step 1 – locate your target.

You need to decide who you would like to sleep with. If you are a man and you are able to, I would suggest having a few options. Sex, love and romance is a numbers game to a degree so being able to increase the odds in your favour by having multiple options you would be happy with is helpful. Also, it allows you to play the jealousy game a little as well, where one person starts to vie for your attention because you are also getting it from other women. That always helps.

Step 2 – regular contact.

The more we see and speak to someone the more we feel comfortable with them. Saying hi to your desired (wo)man every day for a couple of minutes is stronger than an hour long conversation once a month. Little and often is the way.

Step 3 – make your move

You now need to hit on them. There is no substitute for this, you just have to take a leap of faith knowing that if it doesn’t work, you lose nothing. So ask them out the two of you, establish if they are single, if there is a Christmas or other office party, that is a good place to flirt a lot with them. Make the jump!

It really is as simple as that. Good luck amigo, and have fun.

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