Hooking up on Halloween

31 Oct 2021 - 23:11 | Tags: hooking up, find a fuck buddy, halloween sex

Halloween is a long-standing celebration that dates back nearly two thousand years. According to its Celtic roots, it takes place on New Year’s Day. On this day the barriers that separate those living on the Earth and the dead become thin and easier to cross, and so it is on this day that ghosts, spirits, demons and fairies are said to walk the Earth. Dressing up as a demon was a way of disguising yourself as one of the undead, and thus avoid their wrath! If they do not recognise you, they won’t hurt you. It made a lot of sense if you accept the belief system behind it. They also offered food to try and appease the spirits who died recently, something that has a clear connection to the modern day practice of offering sweets and edibles to those who come and knock on your door dressed as a member of the undead. Halloween is a great time for several things. It is the perfect night to light candles, go trick or treating to get candy and sweets, and a great night to hook up. How is Halloween the perfect night to find a fuck buddy? Allow me to explain.

We all need an excuse to peacock. To look great, to go out, to meet people. Halloween provides all of this. It is a great excuse for a party for starters, so everyone wants to go out and have fun. The dressing up part provides for a great excuse to look great. Whether you choose to go as sexy undead nurse or just strip off, splash yourself with some fake blood and go full zombie, Halloween is the night to be able to do it… and let’s be honest, which girl in the world doesn’t look better in a pair of pointy red horns sporting a devil’s outfit?

As well as using the night to look good, it becomes very easy to approach people you fancy. Simply going over to compliment the costume is always a choice if you see someone who you might want to hook up with. Other options include going over in character with whatever you are doing, reacting to them as if they are in character, or for the really elaborate, you can combo with a wing man/woman and play out something between you. Regardless, 15seconds later you will be speaking to someone who might become your fuck buddy, so it is always a win!

So take advantage of this Halloween and get out there and meet some people.

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