Having a fuck buddy is healthy!

29 Mar 2021 - 00:16 | Tags: health benefits to sex, sex is healthy, physical health

In these current times, people are more aware of their health than ever. The coronavirus pandemic swept the globe and it took hundreds of thousands of people. In the wake of those deaths, many people are now looking to try and increase their health in order to be fighting fit in case they catch anything. People are trying to work out and take more exercise, they are also looking to their diets and food intake to do the same. There are many ways of improving your health, but one thing that most people overlook is having sex! Having a fuck buddy and having regular sex can be a great way to increase your health and happiness. Don’t believe me? Well, read on!

It's great for your heart

Having sex with someone else has been shown to be great for your heart. This has been shown to be especially the case if you are woman, with a 2016 study showing that women who have sex have lower risks of cardiac issues later in life. So you are making yourself and your fuck buddy’s heart stronger!

Blood pressure is reduced by sex

The very same 2016 study that spoke about the heart also proved that it can have a positive effect on blood pressure, reducing it. So if you have high blood pressure then having regular sex is a great way to solve it. This is a particularly good idea as the alternatives are bad for sex. Medication for high blood pressure has been shown to reduce the desire for sex (libido) and also can cause erectile dysfunction. So if you have high blood pressure, grab a fuck buddy before you reach for the pills, it is much better and a lot more fun!

Sex with your fuck buddy boosts your immune system

Having a generally stronger immune system can help you fight off and recover faster from all sorts of diseases, including COVID-19. Research has shown that if you have regular sex you will likely have a stronger immune system. The way they measured with was by showing that the fuck buddies had more immunoglobin A. So having sex will likely improve your overall immune system.

So there are my top three reasons why having sex with your fuck buddy is good for your health. If you don’t have a regular squeeze at the moment, why not jump online and see if you can find someone now?

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