Fuck like it’s your first time

27 Feb 2016 - 20:49 | Tags: fuck like a rock star, keeping your fuck buddy

The message here is in title of the article – and if you want to stop reading here then as long as you go and take the advice you will have a better time the next time you are in the sack. For those of you who want a little more ground work and explanation – allow me to expand on this a little.

The message is simple. Next time you have sex, I want you to hark back to the first time and do it like that. I would like to clarify that I am not talking about screwing a girl like you are a virgin, far from it infact! The first time you ever had sex with someone you were nervous and fumbling. You knew you wanted to do “stuff” but weren’t really sure why at the end of the day. One of your mates had explained it to you, you’d looked up some stuff on the internet – or you possibly got a book or a dirty magazine to try and guide you depending on how old you are. You finally did the “sex” and it was, well, probably not that great. Past the nervousness of it being your first time you probably can’t even remember what it was like or what really happened. Essentially you got through it, whether you had a good time or not is unimportant in retrospect. What is important is that you pushed through it... so the you could go on to start having really good sex as you got to know each other and were able to be more in the moment.

Do not have sex like the *very* first time you had sex!!!

What I am saying is sleep with the girl like it is the first time you slept with that particular girl. The likely hood is that the girl you are currently fucking is far from your first fuck, however there was a first time with her. When you did it a little of that nervousness came back, the excitement of seeing her fully naked for the first time kicked in strong, and the internal teasing of knowing what was about to (probably) happen drove you to great heights of lust. THAT is what you need to tap into.

The best part? It is easy to tap into it! You just have to decide to do it – and BAM you are having exciting amazing sex again... just like the first time you fucked but *better* because you already know that you can have a good time together.

For those of you who are less experienced al you have to do is fuck like the first time you had a good time – likely the 2nd or 3rd time with her.

Go forth and orgasm – HARD.

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