Foreplay and your Fuck Buddy

29 Aug 2020 - 15:29 | Tags: foreplay, foreplay for men

The importance of foreplay cannot be underestimated. No matter who your fuck buddy is, you are going to want to orgasm and they are too. We all know that the orgasm can happen during sex and most of us want it to happen during sex. There is something quite special about orgasming at the same time as the other person, though this is rare and takes time and a lot of practice to get right… luckily practising sex is never a chore! The orgasm happens in the body, but the brain also makes a big difference to the build-up. The fuck buddy that you are with is important, but what they do is almost more important than who they are. The big question here is, do you engage in foreplay? If you do not then you are missing out on a deeper longer orgasm.

People who think that are engaging with foreplay

Do you like foreplay? Yeah sure I hear people say… but it is astonishing how different people’s perception of foreplay is. For some people, foreplay is kissing a bunch and waiting at least a couple of minutes before penetrative sex. In my opinion, whilst that is technically foreplay, it is not taking it anywhere near as far you need to in order to get the benefit of it. Sure, it warms you both up a little, but foreplay can build tension is a way that you cannot once you start having sex.

What real foreplay is

Real foreplay can take hours, and I am no joking! It is spending time building sexual tension with the other person, and that can start when you are not even with each other. Sexting the other person, reminding them of waits for them that evening or even seeing them for a kiss full of promise then leaving are all ways to start pushing the tension up. Then, when you are in person, going out and doing other things that delay the sex whilst at the same time making it clear that it is what you both want, can build the tension even more. Then finally, when you get into the bedroom, spending time bringing your partner towards orgasm without getting there is amazing. Use everything, your hands, your body, your tongue… by the time you have sex you are both already on the verge of popping! This is real foreplay, and the best way to have and keep a fuck buddy.

So you find you are spending little time on foreplay with your fuck buddy, try and devoting more time in the build-up. You won’t regret it.

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