Food to put you in the mood

There are many things that can affect our sex drive and our desire for sex. The time of year can be a big one, with seasonal changes increasing or decreasing our desire to meet up with a fuck buddy or have a hook up. How busy we are at work or in other parts of our lives can leave no time or more time to think about sex. Stress is a huge factor and a real sex drive killer. If you are super stressed, you are unlikely to want to have sex.

Many of these things we cannot control, but what we can control is what we eat. There are certain types of food that can increase or decrease our desire and drive for sex. Wanting to heat things up for you and your fuck buddy? Here are the top foods to put you in the mood.

Walnuts (for men)

These actually improve sperm and production, giving you more ammunition for your gun. If you need a little kick, gets some nuts in you!


This is a sex classic, with countless pictures displaying a sexy woman eating strawberries. So strawberries have a good zinc content and this is helpful to both sexes (for women it helps them prepare for sex and men use zinc during intercourse so they need to top up afterwards or before). Note that raspberries do the same but do not have as strong a marketing team behind them.


A well known “super food” these also provide the much-needed folic acid. It also provides vitamin B which will help with hormones.


Melon and watermelon in particular for men can be amazing. It can boost your erection and push your libido to new heights. It can also help your health in a wider way due to the arginine in the watermelon. Get some down you before you go down on her!

Dark Chocolate

This goes well with the aforementioned strawberries, and pushes out the endorphins that make you feel great. This in turn pushes your sex up! Besides, who doesn’t want to eat more chocolate, now you have an excuse.

Eggs (men)

So, this is great if you have erection problems. The amino acids can actually help if you have erectile disfunction and the consuming of the eggs is going to be great for helping your little man stand to attention and do his thing.


This well-known stimulant can spike your sex drive. Getting coffee on a date? Well that is going to help your chances of hooking up with the potential fuck buddy!

So get shopping before sex!

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