Finding a Fuck Buddy the cobra kai way

31 Aug 2021 - 22:03 | Tags: film sex, how to chat up girls, how to get a hot date

There are many films that you saw in your youth that have held the test of time. For the slightly older of you, perhaps that is star wars, for others that may be back to the future, or for those in their twenties perhaps it is mean girls or the like. Those films that we saw in our formative years stay with us, and many of them inform how we think and act. It may seem odd to say that because you grew up thinking Martie McFly was cool that it changed who you were, but actually, it might have done. The story opens up the idea that actually if you push for what you want, you can get it. It is a tale that shows how the George McFly that was scared got nothing, but the George McFly that stood up to the bully got the girl and the life he dreamed of. Those stories of our youth inspire us to what is possible. Those stories opened our minds to who we could be and what we could do. They play a more important role in our lives than most of us realise. That includes how we manage our dating lives. Just as Back to the Future was the story of the geek getting the girl, for many girls mean girls was the first time they saw two girls kissing on screen (though it was brief and fleeting, it was an inspiration for many bisexual or lesbian women). These stories may well be affecting your own personal confidence when it comes to how you deal with the opposite sex, including your confidence with getting a Fuck buddy or approaching someone with the offer of a no strings attached relationship. We generally look up to the “good guys” but in this article, I want to talk about how to get the girl the cobra kai way.

Cobra Kai has brought karate kid back in a massive way. The film tapped into an entire generation of original viewers and has quickly added a huge number of new viewers who did not watch the original films… and it brings one message to bear. Strike first, strike hard, no mercy. This can be applied to getting a fuck buddy the same.

Strike first

– if you see someone you like, move immediately. Do not wait for your brain to engage and the excuses to kick in, approach and say hi, plunging yourself into the engagement before you know what you are doing.

Strike hard

– there is no point holding back. Yes if you don’t put your best self forward if it doesn’t work out you can tell yourself, it is for that reason, but I would urge you to embrace failure in order to be successful.

No mercy

– assume victory. Most people talk to people they want to have sex with assuming that they will fail. Assuming that you are going to be successful helps you get there!

So next time you speak to a potential fuck buddy, do it the cobra kai way!

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