Finding a fuck buddy: cities vs rural areas

28 Nov 2022 - 07:51 | Tags: rural dating, how to get a girls number

When it comes to finding a fuck buddy, people say that it is a numbers game. There is some truth in this. The more people that there are to chose from, the more likely you are to find someone that you are compatible with. With a large pool of people the system as a whole is more forgiving. If you make mistakes or are still learning, you have the opportunity to make mistakes with people, learn from that and then never see them ever again. You also can test things out more boldly because of the large pool of people. Want to try something a bit unusual during the courtship phase, go for it! Feeling like you want to experiment with something a bit more racy in the bedroom? If it turns out the other person is really put off by the suggestion it really doesn’t matter, you can just move on to someone else quite quickly and either try again or try something else. A note on this, if you are trying something new do remember to check the other person is comfortable with it. What is interesting is that by asking if they are up for it, they are more likely to say yes! People are more open to things when they have notice… and the more unusual or boundary pushing the activity is the more important it is to check with them first to help to get them on board.

Whilst you get large numbers in the cities, if you are living or working in a more rural area, you might find that there are a lot less people to meet and hook up with. The numbers are simply lower. So does this mean that no one every finds a fuck buddy or has a no strings attached relationship if they are in a small town? Of course not! That would be madness! So clearly this is not just a “numbers game” as people hook up even when the numbers aren’t there. People often forget one important fact when considering this. Whilst it may be a numbers game, you only need one person to hook up with. Whether that person came from a pool of thousands or a pool of hundreds, you only need one person have a healthy and fun fuck buddy relationship in place.

So whether you are in a city or in a rural area, you can find a fuck buddy. The numbers are only one factor in play.

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