Find a fuck buddy for Christmas

Today, the 25th November 2020, we are exactly one month away from Christmas. It is coming around fast and will be here before you know it! Christmas is a great time. Friends, family, food and hopefully someone to fuck at the end of it! We all want someone to kiss under the mistletoe, even if it is just for that night, and there is nothing wrong with a Christmas hook up. Many people will be actively searching for something more at Christmas, a relationship rather than a friends with benefits set up. I am here to tell you that at Christmas time you are much better off finding a fuck buddy than a full-time relationship. Allow me to explain why.

At Christmas time not having someone to have sex with seems worse than a lot of the other times in the year. Most of the year if you happen to have a dry spell it is not a big deal. You have plenty of other things happening and going on, and you have time to still find someone and make it happen. However, at Christmas time you end up spending time with a lot of couples whether you want to or not. This means that being “single” at this time brings on accentuated feelings of loneliness. So what difference does this make to whether you are looking for a hook up or a full time relationship you may ask?

The issue becomes one of sustainability. When you are in the Christmas vibe and you are just looking for someone to fill the gap, people make poor choices about who they get together with. In the context of a relationship, this can mean “committing” to someone that is just not right for you, someone who happens to just be there. The problem with this is that you then spend the next 6 months trying to make something work because you thought that it was what you wanted and that there was real vibe when really it was just a little Christmas magic that quickly fades.

Instead, if you aim to find a fuck buddy or get together on a no strings attached basis none of these problems occur. You can have just as good a time when you are together but when the ‘Christmas spirit’ fades you both understand what has happened and where you stand and no one minds! You both have a fucking great x-mas and then you also get to have a great rest of the year without any of the long term issues or fall out.

So this Christmas find a fuck buddy because remember, a fuck buddy is just for Christmas and not for life!

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