Don’t make assumptions about your fuck buddy.

31 Jan 2020 - 21:43 | Tags: sex do's and don'ts, dos and don'ts

Preconceptions and assumptions are an interesting thing to talk about because we all have them. No matter who you are and who you meet, we all have preconceptions about those people based on who they are and who we are. When you first meet someone in a great suit you will assume that they earn well, have a certain type of job and are financially well off. When we meet someone in a bad suit it gives the impression that either they are doing badly or that they are a used car salesman. We also assume that people who do certain jobs are a certain way. Nurses are assumed to be kind and caring people, doctors are intelligent, lawyers are cutthroat, and in today’s world bankers are seen as having lowered moral fibre. When we have a fuck buddy, often the same things happen. Here are some of the things that we generally assume about a fuck buddy.

They have had a lot of sexual partners

When we meet a fuck buddy or a potential fuck buddy, if this is something on the cards already then a common assumption is that they have had a lot of sexual partners. This comes to perspective. If you are looking for a fuck buddy, that makes them your fuck buddy. Someone who is a fuck buddy is, in your mind, someone who fucks around, which means that you assume that they have had a lot of sex. It all sounds logical, right? Well, it may not be true. Everyone who looks for a fuck buddy wants to have more sex. This means that they are currently not having as much sex as they would like, if at all. Everyone has had a first time at having a no strings attached relationship or a friends with benefits, and at that point, they may have had very few sexual partners! They may, in fact, be looking for a fuck buddy because they have never had sex at all! Now that last example is unlikely, but to assume that your fuck buddy has had a lot of sex is an assumption, and one that may not be true.

The advantages of not assuming

If you do not assume something, it puts you in a position to see the truth of things. If you meet a potential fuck buddy and assume that they are very sexually experienced when they are not, that may put them off from wanting to be with you. Being open to who they are leaves you in the perfect position to explore who they are, fully. It is in that exploration that you reach the sexual heights of your dreams.

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