Can I have sex during the coronavirus lockdown?

27 Apr 2020 - 16:02

We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 has swept the globe, affecting nearly every county on planet Earth. We have seen country after country enter some form of lockdown, from mild ones to fully enforced imprisonment in your home as was done in China. There are reasons for this of course, China has seen a reduction in the number of deaths so the lockdown approach is working to a degree, although I will make no comment in terms of the sustainability of all of this without a vaccine, which remains a long time away as of writing this article. In the UK, the lockdown has meant only going out for exercise once a day, only going to work if you are a keyworker, and if you are above the age of 70 or are considered particularly vulnerable to the virus, then you are looking at a 12-week lockdown period, which is an extremely long time.

One of the key things that the government in the UK has asked for is that households do not mix. This means not being able to pop over to see your friends and family. They went as far as to advise people not to visit their mothers on mother’s day, which felt quite extreme at the time! All of this very much includes not visiting your lover or fuck buddy. The day of the booty call has been curtailed by the arrival of COVID-19 and we are all the poorer for it. So, what does this mean? Can you still have sex during this time or is pleasuring your fuck buddy risking a mortal and currently incurable disease? Well to answer this question, let’s see what some of the experts have advised.

According to current medical advice, there is no evidence that having sexual intercourse can transmit the disease, either through vaginal or anal sex. Fantastic news you think! However, the medical experts go on to also note that sex usually involves kissing, and the virus can be passed on through the saliva in your mouth, which means that the overall process of having sex with your fuck buddy does pose a risk.

However, this is all based on either you or the person you are hooking up with having the coronavirus in the first place. If you and your fuck buddy have been isolating for 14 days with no symptoms, the advice is that you do not have COVID-19. At this time you can have as much sex as you like and you will not pass it on because you don’t have anything that you can pass on!

So our unofficial advice? Booty call your sexual partner over for a “lock-down-lock-in!” Stay inside, tease each other during the quarantine period (remember no kissing!!!) then when it is over, rip each other’s clothes off and go wild… but make sure that you see no one else during the quarantine period, and see the waiting as something that is only going to make the sex better when you are able to have it!

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