Ask for sex – the best way to guaranteed getting laid

28 Dec 2016 - 19:02 | Tags: how to get laid, find a fuck buddy

In the game of courtship, there are all sorts of “rules” about what you should and shouldn’t do when you in the process of it. Things that you are allowed to say, things you are never to discuss. Here are a few prime examples of the kind of thing that we are told that we should or shouldn’t do during the “chatting up” process. You will find that you recognise a lot of these:

  • Don’t discuss religion
  • Don’t talk about former partners and ex girlfriends
  • Don’t tell her that she is a little on the overweight side or that her nose is a little large

In addition to this though there are a bunch of “rules” specifically related to the discusussion of sex in the courtship ritual:

  • Don’t talk about how good you are in the sack
  • Don’t talk about the kind of things you like to do in bed
  • Don’t share your fetishes or your sexual preferences
  • Don’t talk about some of the most memorable sexual experiences of your life because that involves talking about having had sex with someone else
  • Do not under any circumstance suggest that you may have had sex with someone else!
  • Do not express that you are a sexual being, and that you might be interested in having sex with them

Express that you are a sexual being

This is the really important thing. We are taught that we need to be careful, reserved, to be a gentleman. Part of this is the lesson that we do not express to the other person that actually we might want to throw them against a wall and fuck them till people call the local council to report the sound of screams well over the acceptable decibel level for the local neighbour hood.
Holding back in this way means that actually you are holding back a key thing that is going to get you laid. The fact that you are sexually attracted to the girl is a huge turn on for her, but it can only do this if you are brave enough to express this to her. Unless you are free to tell her that you want to fuck her, she will never know, and there is nothing more powerful than this!

If you want sleep with her, tell her

If you want to have sex with her, tell her. As long as you do it in a strong, non needy way, this is one of the biggest turn ons you can offer. It shows that you are a confident, strong man un afraid to see what he wants and go after it – which are the exact traits that are going to make the girl even more likely to say yes when you ask. So ask – and may I bid you a great night in the sexual sack!

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