After almost two (2) years of drought, sex is easier to find

20 Feb 2022 - 23:05 | Tags: having sex when depressed, easy sex pickings

The covid-19 pandemic was devastating to our way of life. Businesses closed, social gatherings were banned, and you could only meet up in limited numbers. It was a tough time for all involved and the reduction in our interactions did not just end with an inability to be able to go to for a drink, it also had a huge impact on the number of sexual partners we were meeting.

People reduced the amount of sex they were having for a number of reasons. In many cases, this was caused by an inability to meet lots of other available people face to face. With the social gathering places shut down and the difficulty in finding other people raised, there were simply fewer people available in our “pool” that we might reach out to and connect with. This was then made worse by other facts. Covid has a depressive effect on the mental health of the population as a whole, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the individual. When we do not feel good our libido is generally reduced. No matter how much we like sex, stress kills desire. Depression and other mental illnesses reduce it. So the population as a whole were less driven to have sex.

There was also the issue of infection. As we became used to being warry of contact with others for fear of catching covid, this spilt over into a hesitation to be intimate with others as well. Sharing ones body with another became a risk that some of the population were unwilling to take. These people removed themselves from the sexual pool entirely, further reducing the number of people that were available as potential fuck buddies.

Times are finally changing. It remains true that covid is still an ever-present factor in our lives. It remains real, something that can still cause huge problems and poses a danger to the health and wellbeing of all the population, but particularly those that are more vulnerable. However, now things are finally settling, we are coming out of a sexual drought. This means that people are going to be keener than ever to meet other partners. They are going to be driven to find a fuck buddy stronger than they were previously.

So, if you were thinking of trying to find someone, now is a perfect time. After two (2) years of sexual drought, there are a lot of thirsty women and men out there.

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