The advantages of not “liking” your fuck buddy

28 Dec 2017 - 20:25 | Tags: fuck like a rock star, fuck buddy relationships

When we meet someone, and start sleeping with someone, there is often this natural feeling that we need to start to grow to like them in ways other than the simple desire to have orgasmic sex with them. We cannot help it, it is socially conditioned into us! We think that we need to start listening to their music with them, taking them to dinner, hanging out with their friends or bringing them along to meet our friends. Now we might want to do that anyway, it can be fun! However, this is not mandatory! We don’t have to progress our feelings past the point of wanting the sex. There are even advantages to not liking your fuck buddy, and I would like to take you through those now!

It saves so much time!

Do you know how much time it takes to wine and dine people? How many hours of your life you can spend on fore play that isn’t even fore play? I mean in the modern world, you can easily spend more time on the unsexy foreplay that the actual foreplay and sex combined! If you lead a busy life this is a big deal. However, if you don’t really like your fuck buddy outside of the sex, then you will never feel the urge to do this!

It saves so much money!

That’s right, liking your fuck buddy is expensive. You won’t notice it individually, but all the spontaneous take away orders, the drinks in the bar, even the occasional gift, this all costs money. The simplest way to save all of this is to not like them enough to want to do any of it!

It keeps you attractive

Whilst this may feel counter intuitive, the less you care, the more attractive you are. Staying non-needy and less invested, is a key element to maintaining an attractive demeanour. If you genuinely don’t care, you will do it automatically!

The sex will be better

You heard me. When you really like someone, often you are focused on making sure that they are having a good time. This can sometimes lead to shyness and reticence when it comes to saying what you want in the bedroom. When you care less, you can be honest so much more easily! Whatever your fetish is, you have so much less to lose if you don’t like them outside of sex, and that leads to better sex.

So, next time you really physically want to have sex with someone, just go for it. Personalities are over rated.

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