The advantages of a fuck buddy you share no common interest with

There are a lot of different places where you can meet and find a fuck buddy. Clubs, pubs, bars, on public transport… you can find people almost anywhere! However, there are some places that are easier than others to hook up. Meeting someone in a club is obviously easier than meeting someone walking down the street! This is primarily because when walking down the street most people are busy and have somewhere to be, whilst when they are in a club or a bar, they are out for some fun. They are there to meet people, so when you go and talk to them, the default position is that they are pleased rather than feeling like they are being bothered by a stranger(!) which is why most of us don’t find our next fuck buddy whilst walking down the street.

Adult dating is all about focusing on the physical aspects of the relationship and not the other parts of traditional dating. The phrase “no strings attached” means exactly what it says on the tin. Everyone is free to do what they want, with whomever they want, without fear of backlash or any infringement on any agreement made with the person that they are sleeping with. This can mean that people end up sleeping with individuals that they have little or nothing in common with. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact it has certain advantages. When you only really share a shared interest in the bedroom, there is very little chances of that washing over into other parts of your lives. You are already protected against attachment, obligation and emotional ties because you are never going to be able to form them with your fuck buddy in any event.

Sharing an interest in other aspects of life can hinder this. If you find a shared love of an activity, say running or cycling, you will likely find yourself doing these activities together. This can be great, doing something physical together prior to sex is a great way to build yourself up to it, but it can also open the door to those “strings” and attachments that you have already decided you do not want. IF your desires change over time, which they can do, then this is not an issue. Where one person’s desires change and the other person’s do not this can be an issue however, so this is one thing to watch out for.

Regardless, remember that there are no hard and fast rules to adult dating. Try your best to be true to yourself and to have fun… but you remember to do you. Live life by your standards, not someone else’s, not even by ours. Good luck!

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