Why Hermione is hot

11 Oct 2016 - 17:29 | Tags: harry potter sex, Hermione Granger naked, sex fantasies

If you are looking at Harry Potter, whilst you may have read the books, from a sex point of view you are talking about the films here, and specifically to Hermione you are talking about the actress playing her, Emma Watson. When you think about what she looks about you see Emma Watson’s face and image... but this article is not talking about why Emma Watson is hot, it is talking about why Hermione Granger the character portrayed by Emma Watson is hot. This is a subtle but important difference, as you will find out as this article goes on.

Hermione is hot. The actress Emma Watson when she was cast was so young, the casting people had no idea what she would turn out like. They made a gamble and rolled the dice, and luckily for them after puberty she grew up to be pretty good looking! She could do with a little more in the rack region, but no complaints. She has a pleasing face, good hair, and yes she looks like she would be a cracker in the bedroom. Whether the naked photos of her on the net are real or not is hard to say, you can do amazing things with photo shop these days, and likely most of them are fake, but it does make her hotter that you can see her in a sexual light. So what makes Hermione really hot?

Firstly let’s take off the table that we are talking about her in the timeline of the films / books. She is too young, we don’t need to go there. So we are thinking about her in more of an adult context, maybe a student context here... but what makes her hot is the context in which she comes from as well, because it taps into our own context which we relate to.

When we were at school/college/university the world was our oyster. Everything was ours for the taking, and everyone was ours for the winning. We like, we take... or at least we tried to! Hermione Granger has the prim and proper smart girl thing happening, but more than that the only fantasy in which we could do anything with her, is a fantasy where we are also at Hogwarts / still at school / college. It is more about what we have to be for the fantasy to work, and that is young, dumb and full of come. That is why she is hot.

Look to yourself here boys, because it is as much about what we want to be for ourselves as what we want the girl to be.

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