Why Are MILFS so Popular?

11 Mar 2015 - 10:11 | Tags: MILF, MILF popularity, casual sex

It’s the same wherever you go in the world; men generally speaking like having sex with an older woman. The term ‘MILF’ (Mom I’d Like To Fuck) only entered the popular lexicon after ‘American Pie’ was first shown in movie theatres way back in 1999. Since then the term has stuck and been used to describe any older woman that a guy finds attractive. But why are older women so attractive to younger men? At first I thought it’s probably for the same reason that younger women like older men. I was mostly right but was surprised to learn that there are other reasons to.

What’s the attraction?
Sigmund Freud would no doubt interject at this point and say that that all men are naturally attracted to mother figures stemming from their own relationship with their mother. Freud argued that we all secretly wanted to marry our mom. Fortunately Freud was wrong. Even ‘The Graduate’ showed us the main reason way back in 1967 – knowledge and experience.

Genetically speaking, all men are naturally driven to pass along their genes to the female most geared to produce children; i.e. younger women at their most fertile. However psychologically speaking most men want a woman to be a demon in the bedroom. We want a woman who knows what she wants physically and emotionally and who isn’t afraid to hold back during sex. That is the single most attractive thing about any woman.

Do looks matter?
Only to a degree – after all we all need to fancy the partner we want to fuck – but after the initial chemistry is established, guys are looking for an experience to remember. The older you are and the more experienced you are, the more attractive you become to a younger guy.

A study analyzing MILF porn was conducted by the Journal of Sex Research and it found that the actresses in MILF porn were 2.5 times more likely to initiate sex and 9 times more likely to control the speed and direction of the encounter. I can safely say that this tallies with my own personal preferences when it comes to sex; it’s so hot when a girl initiates the sex. You can take turns in dominance during but the actual initiation makes men 10 times more likely to enjoy the encounter than if they initiate.

So really the attractiveness of older women has nothing to do with your mother or with some weird fucked up oedipal complex and more to do with knowledge and experience with sex. Sex is never more fun than with someone who knows what they’re doing – something men often say about male partners as well. A MILF who knows what she’s doing is a very great power to wield indeed.

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