What do men actually want from sex?

19 Oct 2014 - 11:45 | Tags: men want from sex

“To get laid” is a common response many immature idiots give to this question. However it was surprising to find out what exactly many men do want during sex. We did a poll amongst some of our male members and the results as always were highly entertaining and interesting.

1. More GOOD Blow Jobs
I was a little surprised by this as blow jobs can be good or bad. Women often think that simply going down on a guy will get him to blow his load but I’ve had some very poorly executed blow jobs by a number of different women.

2. Be nice
You know how you always want us to pay you a compliment? Well guess what – we like them too! Next time you’re having sex then try out a few phrases like “I love what you’re doing to me” or “You look hot!”

3. Be a bit aggressive
Don’t be afraid to tell us to get on top of you. We love it when a woman tells us to ‘fuck her’ or ‘get on top of her’. It just makes us hornier and hornier and we love it.

4. Be a bit noisy
We don’t mean blood curdling screams that are clearly fake, but a little soft moaning makes us feel even better when we’re fucking you. Chances are you’ll feel more aroused too.

5. Talk Dirty to us
Don’t be afraid to whisper some absolute filth in our ears. Your words will make us want to fuck you even more and more.

6. Leave some lingerie on
I can safely say that when a girl leaves her bra or that thing that connects her stockings to her panties, I have enjoyed the sex even more than usual. It adds allure to the experience.

7. Be willing to experiment when we ask
You might not like the weird position we ask you to try, but the fact that you’ve given it a go will have us after you for more sex like a shot.

8. Instigate the sex more often
Nothing – and I mean nothing – turns us on more then YOU initiating sex. It’s like giving us a green light to go to town on your sexy ass. Knowing that you’re more up for it then we are is awesome.

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