Should you feel bad about having sex with a married man/woman?

23 Feb 2015 - 12:43 | Tags: sex with married people

This is a tough question to answer, but it’s one that many of our users have emailed us about so we thought we’d write a post about it. Generally there appears to be several schools of thought when it comes to having sex with a married partner.

• It’s immoral
• They’re the ones in the wrong for having sex, if it wasn’t me it would be someone else so I might as well enjoy it
• Some married people get off on it
• The married person is unhappy and this is their way of expressing their unhappiness

Like I said there are a lot of different viewpoints. In short there is no right or wrong here, just shades of gray.

On the one hand sleeping with someone is married is pretty immoral as they have technically made a commitment to someone else. On the other hand you are technically not doing anything wrong as you’re single and they’re not. But what if you are dating someone already? What if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend already as well? You’re then in the same boat as the married man/woman. Are you wrong? Are they wrong?

Sex and Marriage
Very often the excitement of sex in a relationship trickles out and people let it. They don’t try new things and slowly the attraction goes down. Sometimes it’s the fault of one or the other person, sometimes it’s not. Having sex with someone new and different is always exciting! If you go through with it, then it is your responsibility to ask yourself why you did it.

Is it wrong?
There is no right and wrong here. Just questions and decisions. Sometimes having sex outside of your marriage is fun because you’re bored. Sometimes it’s a way of expressing your desire to be with someone else. Sometimes it’s because you’re simply horny all the time and need as much sex as possible and your spouse can’t help!

There is no right and wrong, only choices. The only advice we have is that whatever choice you make try and make sure you don’t end up hurting someone accidentally.

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