Sexual Experimentation: How far do you go?

11 Oct 2014 - 13:12 | Tags: sexual experimentation

Some people like missionary sex. Some people like doggy style sex. Some people like asphyxiation sex. Some people like anal sex. Some people like tantric sex. The question is how do you know what you like? The answer is to experiment. But then the next question presents itself; how far are do you go? It should be rephrased as to how far are you willing to go?

What can you do?
When it comes to sexual experimentation there really are no limits as long as you’re open minded and safe. The fuck buddy type of relationship is useful to experiment as there are no lasting emotional consequences. If you try something and neither of you like it then you can just switch to something else or another partner. Here are a few things you can try with a fuck buddy.

1. Butt plugs
You either like anal sex or you don’t. It’s worth trying at least once to give you an idea of what to expect. However to ease you in gently we recommend getting a butt plug, use plenty of lube and see if the idea of a cock in your ass gets you horny.

2. Tantric sex
If you like the idea of slow sex then tantric sex could be for you. You can buy books on tantric sex that help you learn how to make sex last longer and how to have more intense orgasms.

3. Dressing Up…to tying up
If you like fancy dress then why not go one step further and try tying each other up in the bedroom. If you have a clear house then why not try tying each other up in different rooms?

4. Make a noise
If you like being loud in sex then you can try recording yourself on audio during your sessions and playing it back. For added foreplay try playing back a previous session whilst you’re having sex.

5. Blind Massage
An introductory route into kink, having a blindfolded massage can increase your sensitivity and open a whole new level of orgasm.

6. Position Switch
If you like new positions then try changing positions often with your fuck buddy. It adds excitement and gives you both new challenges to experiment with.

7. Finger Fucking
If you enjoy being penetrated by your partner’s fingers then engage in some frisky finger fucking. Play with each other outside as well as in and for added risk try finger fucking in public places like under a table at a restaurant.

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