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17 Jun 2015 - 13:30 | Tags: casual sex, sex in the USA

With the amount of pornography coming out of LA in particular, the rest of the world would be forgiven for thinking that the USA has a very liberal attitude towards sex and relationships. They have no idea of the sheer number of weird and wonderful laws that states have when it comes to sex. Most of our users are more interested in finding out which states have the easiest women and which state has the best odds when it comes to scoring. In the 1950s, Alfred Kinsey was the go to guy when it came to finding this stuff out. Nowadays the internet is the go-to therapist for millions of Americans. We’ve tried to pick out some of the state laws you might need to know (and are interested in!) and the states where you have more chance of scoring.

State with the horniest women - North Dakota
North Dakota women are apparently enjoying sex and gagging for it a lot more than any other state in the US. If you’re looking for women more willing to engage in casual sex, then North Dakota should be on your shopping list.

State with the most gullible women – Montana
So if you’re looking for a woman to be okay with you sleeping with lots of different people, then this is the state for you. Apparently the female population of Montana are the most likely to be okay with a man cheating on them and the most likely to be unaware of men using prostitutes.

State with the most bi-curious women – California
This one was not really that much of a surprise. The women in California are just as likely to want to go out with Jenny from on-screen as you are and most admit to having had at least one girlfriend in their lifetime. California seems to be the girl-on-girl capital.

State with the women most likely to come – Nevada
Head to Vegas and you’re more likely to hook up with a girl who definitely will have an orgasm. Unsurprisingly many women find it hard to come all the time, but women in the state of Nevada tend to be able to do this more than anyone else.

States with the oddest and most insane sex laws
Alabama – Incestuous marriages are legal. (WTF?!)
Arizona – You may not have more than 2 dildos in the same house. (seriously…what?)
Indiana – It’s illegal for a man to become sexually aroused in public.
Louisiana – Necrophilia is legal (I had to check that one to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Sadly it wasn’t a joke.)
South Dakota – Public erections are illegal

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