Sex with a Friend: 6 Ways to Avoid the Awkward

We’ve all done it or will do it at some point during our lives. That friend you’ve been friends with for a while or for a long time. That friend you’ve always fancied. One morning you roll over in bed and find them lying in bed next to you naked as the day they were born. The question is; do you roll back thinking "Oh God! What have I just done?!" Or do you roll back thinking “Damn! That was fun! I’m looking forward to doing it again?”

How do you manage any potential awkwardness after sleeping with a friend? There is no trick, no cheat, no special way of talking to someone. The answer is all in how you approach the situation. And there are 6 sure fire ways you can avoid any awkwardness.

6 Ways to Avoid the Awkward

1. Agree That You Both Want to Have Sex
Let’s be honest, most of us are wasted when we hop into bed with a friend. There really isn’t much thought put into the consequences until the following morning. Awkwardness can be avoided by being honest and talking about it as friends first. You can still drink, but it’s a good idea not to be off your face before having sex anyway.

2. Be Exciting
Also translated as ‘be adventurous’. Let your friend see a side of you that they would otherwise never get to see. As your friends they already know all about you so it’s fun to let them see another side of you in the bedroom.

3. Hang Out Afterward
The easiest way to avoid any friendship difficulties afterward is to hang out like you normally would. So you’ve just had sex! Great! Now watch TV, go see a movie or just chat like you normally would. Normalizing the experience will make it nice for both of you and maintain your friendship.

4. Do It Again!
If you’ve had sex with each other once, you should do it again if you enjoyed it. Great sex isn’t easy to find so don’t let outdated morals stop you from enjoying your friend’s company in as well as out of the bedroom.

5. Joke About It
Humor relieves the tension in almost all awkward situations. Avoid awkwardness the following morning/hour/day by cracking a joke. High five your friend…do whatever you can to make the both of you feel great about what just happened. It will relax them too.

6. Don’t Let Emotions Get Involved
It is essential that you both go into the situation knowing you are friends. If one of you secretly has been hoping for something more the worst thing you can do is sleep with your friend and not tell them how you feel. It’s not fair on either of you and someone (probably you) will get hurt.

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