Playing the numbers game – from sex to soul mates

12 Sep 2015 - 18:48 | Tags: sex, online dating algorithms

Thanks to television and films, mostly romantic comedies, we believe that finding someone to sleep with or even date is an act of fate. It is something that will just come along and we need do nothing to help it happen. Wrong. This is the lie that we are sold. Whether it is sex we are looking for or a soul mate, some of this is a numbers game.

I saw this short film recently called “Less than one” which I will embed below. It is about finding a “soul mate” – the interesting thing about this is that it charts the numbers game, and this is something that you need to do too. Not everyone that you meet in life is going to want to hang out with you, just as not everyone that you talk to on this website is going to want to sleep with you. People are all so different, and some people make the mistake of thinking that the solution to this is to try and change into someone that the person will want to sleep with. Again, wrong approach. The answer is in finding the people with whom you can connect with, where there is chemistry for both of you. This is where the numbers game comes into play.

Say one in twenty people are going to find you attractive, and I think that is a reasonable number. This works both ways so now let us say that of those people you are only going to also fancy one in twenty back. This means that the odds of finding someone that drives you completely nuts is only one in four hundred. You want to meet someone who makes you want to grab them and throw them against a wall, who brings out the primal inner hunger to not just have intercourse, but have real down and dirty sex, to do not just in the bed, but on sofa, against the hallway wall, down on the floor because you couldn’t contain yourself long enough to make it to the bedroom. Equally they want to find someone that makes them feel exactly the same. That makes them want to tear your clothes off and have theirs ripped from their bodies equally as fast.

Finding this level of chemistry is indeed a numbers game. If you have to expose yourself to 400 people to find it at this level, then doing so in day to day life seems near impossible... which is where this website comes into its own. When you start messaging people focus on getting your numbers up, because if you persevere and keep messaging people till you find someone that you *really* want to have sex with, then you will find some measure of real ecstasy your shared nights together.

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