Our latest member: Tia

15 Sep 2016 - 19:42 | Tags: new members

Happiness is something that we all desire and deserve, and we all get it in different ways. Some of us love food and we get it from eating really well. Others of us are really career driven, and what we want more than anything else is to progress in our jobs. That makes us fulfilled and happy when we do. The one consistent thing that we all share is Sex. A good fuck will make all of us happy, and that is no exception for our latest member to join the f-buddy website, meet Tia.

Tia is (in her own words) a little “solar powered”. She loves being in the sun and she is happiest on a warm day out – her ideal holiday is a beach one. She also gets a little depressed when she lacks the amount of light that she needs, and she has been feeling that recently. So smart girl that she is, she is now looking to top up her happiness with a little extra sex on the side from a no strings fuck buddy, which is why she joined the website.

She is a big fan of blow jobs and loves a good amount of foreplay before getting to it. She is also a really big fan of sex in the shower, though she also says that she doesn’t like the way shower gel strips out the moisture from her vagina – she gets wet really fast and likes to stay that way till she gets fucked.

If you like the sound of her, why not log on and ping her a message?

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