Our latest member: Meet Taylor

15 Nov 2015 - 09:25 | Tags: new members, new fuck buddies

I would like to introduce our latest member to you, this months member spotlight is Taylor.

Taylor’s parents moved around a lot when she was a child as her father was in the military. The meant she grew up on American soil legally, but in reality was being schooled in foreign countries. This means she has as she says “an odd accent – but don’t let that put you off”. The moving around gave her the luxury of relationships with guaranteed endings – which meant none of the hassle of long term relationships. She is back on main land USA soil now, and is looking for the same thing.

Taylor really likes sex. She says that she “started early” – though how early exactly she was vague on. She claims to be reasonably experienced for someone her age, and says that she has also “picked up a few tricks” whilst living in various foreign countries. Thailand was mentioned. Again what these are she is unwilling to give away on a profile, but she says she is looking for a man that is open to experimenting in the bedroom. They don’t have to have done a lot of kinky stuff before, she sounds like she would take great pleasure in introducing someone to some of the more outlandish activities in the bedroom. If you are someone who already has things they like she is open to suggestion. She is also keen on anyone who might be able to introduce her to something new!

If you like the sound of Taylor and fancy getting your Kink on a little, log on now and send her a message. If kink isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of other girls with all levels of tastes just waiting to hear from you, so log on now.

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