Our Latest Member: Meet Jane

16 Jun 2016 - 22:29 | Tags: new members, new fuck buddies

The name Jane when I hear it immediately conjures the phrase “plain Jane super brain” from my youth at school. There was always a girl in the class (and everyone had this) who was a bit plain, un special, almost blended in to the back ground. Then the amazing thing happened, the miracle that proves beyond all doubt the existence of a super natural force. The act of an all mighty power that benefited not just the plain Jane, not just the people around her, but the whole world! Puberty made her hot!

Suddenly she went from being just the girl that you ignored to being the girl that everyone wanted to know, the girl that suddenly got bags and attention. If this happened at an early age she would adapt to this new found attention and learn how to handle it all. It would become normal to her, and she would quickly learn to navigate the ways of the world where she was someone that *everyone* wanted to ask out, the girl that crashed cars because people couldn’t help but turn their heads when she walked down the street. Even the insurance companies would understand and pay out – “Jane was walking there” Oh fine pay the full amount!

Well from the sounds of things – this is exactly who our latest member Jane to join the website is. She is keen to meet new people, and when you read her profile you will understand what I mean. Welcome to f-buddy Jane, I hope you find what you are looking for (or who you are looking for!).

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