Newest Member: Miranda

15 Jul 2016 - 22:46 | Tags: new fuck buddies, new members

This month’s member profile was a particularly hard choice. I don’t know what it is about he summer months that makes all women seem hotter and more attractive – but the fact remains that all girls look better in the summer. Perhaps it is the reduction in the amount of clothes they wear day to day, and the increase in skin on display? Perhaps it’s the way their boobs seem to perk up like flowers seeking the sun. Maybe it is that hormones are stronger on both sides, we were built by nature to mate in the warm weather, and perhaps it’s all a survival instinct driving it. It doesn’t really matter why – all girls seem hotter and more attractive right now. Miranda is no exception!

Miranda has only recently joined the f-buddy website, and as such her photos were clearly taken recently during this summer, and as such even the ones where she is wearing clothes she is looking *fine*! Miranda works in “media” whatever that means, and quite likes what she does... but she wants to come home and know that she is getting laid at the end of the day. She says it changes her whole day if she knows that sex is on the table waiting for her when she gets back to her place, or your place, whichever!

She has a list of favorite positions on her profile, doggy style and her on top being the two clear favorites. She is a particular fan of making sure she hits 2 different positions during the same fuck session. She can come with just one, but she says there is something about changing across to another that *always* tips her over the edge to a full body shaking orgasm. So she’d like a guy who doesn’t mind switching it up half way through.

Interested? Why not log on to the website and ping her a message now!

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